WeePlaces Check-In Visual Tool Integrates With Facebook Places

Now that it’s been a month since developers got their hands on the Facebook Places, interesting tools have started to emerge. One of the latest is WeePlaces’ integration with Places.

The WeePlaces tool allows you to visualize your check-in data in an interesting way. You can also group, annotate, and share check-ins (for example, coffee shops visited in the Mission district of San Francisco, or check-ins from a weekend trip to NYC). You can tick a box to make sure that the information is kept private if you prefer.

The idea is that WeePlaces becomes a repository for all check-in data, allowing you to store and organize check-ins, pictures, descriptions, tweets and comments. WeePlaces has tens of thousands of users who use the existing integration with Foursquare and Gowalla and the team is no doubt hoping that exposure to Facebook’s massive user base will accelerate growth.

WeePlaces.com is built by geo-startup Movity.com. Founders are from Stamen Design, Expedia, and Bing, were part of Ycombinator in W10, and have received $1.3m in funding from angels including Naval Ravikant, Aydin Senkut, and Paul Buchheit.

I think this is an interesting idea and certainly the graphic is visually impressive. I’m not sure how genuinely useful it is to the users though. My impression is that most people use location check-in services for fun and in some cases for the game elements and I’m not sure they want to endlessly manipulate the data afterwards. Personally I would test this out but I’m not convinced that I would stick with it. Others might think differently, of course. What’s your opinion?