This Week’s Must-Haves: a Lunchbox That’ll Simplify Your Weekday Routine

This week, the Adweek staff is highlighting a super-chic (and healthy!) lunchbox, a pancake printer and more. Take a look!


Prepd Pack, $55

Once upon a time—otherwise known as kindergarten—the opening of a shiny new lunchbox was a thrilling occasion. Nowadays, when the contents are likelier to contain last night's leftovers than Lunchables, not so much. That's why San Francisco-based startup Prepd Pack is trying to reinvent the bring-your-own-lunch experience with its modular lunchbox system and accompanying app. Use the Prepd app's trove of healthy recipes and ideas to help you plan a week's worth of lunches, then pack them in the Prepd Pack's configurable containers. On your way out the door, drop them in the insulated bamboo case, slip in the included knife and fork and you're good to go.

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PancakeBot, $299

Bring some artistic expression to the breakfast table with PancakeBot, a food printer that creates pancakes in any shape imaginable. Just download one of PancakeBot's pre-programmed designs (or create your own using the PancakePainter app), load it into the printer via SD card, fill the dispenser with the batter of your choosing and watch your design take shape on the nonstick electric griddle.

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AeroGarden Harvest Touch, $180

Even the most hopeless gardeners can grow lush herbs, vegetables and more with AeroGarden's soil-free planter. Just turn on the device's LCD screen and let it guide you through every step, from planting the included seed pods to feeding and watering your plants to harvesting them. Thanks to the AeroGarden's 100 high-performance LEDs, your seedling will grow up to five times faster than in soil.

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Breville Control Freak Cooking System, $1,800

Created in a collaboration between Breville and PolyScience, the aptly named Control Freak induction system lets you micromanage the cooking process by setting an exact temperature for your cooking vessel or the liquid within. It's perfect for everything from deep-frying to sous vide, and programmable to ensure that you get the same results every time.

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Drop Kitchen Scale, $100

Ditch the measuring cups—the app-connected Drop kitchen scale lets you add ingredients right to the mixing bowl. The app includes hundreds of recipes that guide you through making everything from lemon tarts to olive tapenade based on the ingredients' weight, so you're not stuck cleaning up any extra mess.

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Joseph Joseph Index Mini Cutting Boards, $30

Keep your kitchen organized—and your food safe—with Joseph Joseph's colorful cutting boards. Each of the four boards is labeled with an index tab corresponding to a specific ingredient type (vegetables, fish, meat or cooked food) to prevent cross-contamination. When not in use, they store upright to save counter space.

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This story first appeared in the June 6, 2016 issue of Adweek magazine.
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