This Week’s 10 Most Digitally Engaging Commercials

Apple takes the top 2 spots

Electronics and communication companies rule this week's chart of the most digitally engaging commercials, powered by the TV ad attention analytics company Apple claims the top two spots, with its first-place commercial for the iPhone 7 + AirPods capturing two-fifths (42.63%) of the digital engagement for the week. The artsy black-and-white ad features Lil Buck dancing up, down and all around town to music by Marian Hill. The No. 2 ad, also for the iPhone 7, features "Take Mine" by Bezos' Hawaiian Orchestra.

As the Super Bowl approaches, football is on the brain and recent commercials echo this, with three of the top spots including references to the sport. At No. 5, Microsoft shows how the California School for the Deaf uses the Surface to prepare for its football games. Madden NFL takes seventh place with its karaoke spot featuring Antonio Brown, which has been in the chart for a few weeks. And Verizon's ninth place ad is all about achieving football/life balance with the NFL Mobile app that lets customers watch live local and prime-time games in HD without using their data.

Top 10 Ads by Digital Share of Voice

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1. Apple iPhone 7 + AirPods TV Spot, 'Stroll' Ft Lil Buck, Song by Marian Hill

42.63% Digital SOV  4,659,829 Online Views  33,497 Social Actions

2. Apple iPhone 7 Plus TV Spot, 'Take Mine' Song by Bezos' Hawaiian Orchestra

14.12% Digital SOV  2,121,599 Online Views  6,273 Social Actions

3. Amazon Prime TV Spot, 'Old Friends' Song by Ludovico Einaudi

7.31% Digital SOV  30,564 Online Views  12,308 Social Actions

4. UnitedHealthcare TV Spot, 'Lunch With Chuck' Featuring Chuck Norris

6.71% Digital SOV  20,163 Online Views  11,154 Social Actions


5. Microsoft TV Spot, 'Football, Teamwork & Technology: CA School'

2.04% Digital SOV  286,869 Online Views  1,068 Social Actions

6. AT&T TV Spot, 'Everywhere'

1.85% Digital SOV  140,777 Online Views  1,774 Social Actions

7. Madden NFL 17 TV Spot, 'Karaoke' Featuring Antonio Brown

1.51% Digital SOV  50,695 Online Views  1,959 Social Actions

8. Amazon Prime Instant Video TV Spot, 'Sneaky Pete: Trust'

1.29% Digital SOV  160,622 Online Views  858 Social Actions

9. Verizon NFL Mobile TV Spot, 'Football/Life Balance' Featuring Bill Cowher

1.28% Digital SOV  1,462 Online Views  1,975 Social Actions

10. T-Mobile One TV Spot, 'Pests'

1.17% Digital SOV  2,715 Online Views  1,873 Social Actions

Excludes Movie Trailers.

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