Weekly Twitter Round Up: What You Might’ve Missed – November 12, 2010

This week in Twitter news saw a number of rumors float through the blogosphere about the micro-blogging company’s financial future, a high-profile hacking, and the triumphant return of a Twitter celebrity to what he does best. Here’s the news that might’ve been off your radar, but you don’t want to miss:

A new round of funding for Twitter?
All Things Digital reported that Twitter was considering another round of funding up to $200 million, and they started the rumor mill about who would be the likeliest investors. Digital Sky Technologies (DST) – a Russian holding firm that has invested in Facebook, Zynga and Groupon – was at the top of their list.

Location, location, location
It seemed like a case of amnesia as the Twitter blogs buzzed about Twitter’s “new location-based technology”, otherwise known as Twitter Places. Which launched back in June. But most of the blogs were responding to Twitter reportedly testing a new feature that would allow businesses to claim their location. Much has been speculated on the marketing potential of this feature, but Twitter has squashed the hopes that it would be available anytime soon.

In lighter news, a hacking…
Celebrity and other high-profile Twitter accounts are prime targets for hackers, as Justin Halpern and his 74-year-old father found out: the popular and irreverent Shitmydadsays got hacked this week, with the hacker posing as Justin claiming to be a winner of a Dell laptop.

The triumphant return?
Conan returned to latenight this week, and the inaugural show was the culmination of a large-scale social media campaign happening mainly on Twitter. TBS purchased a promoted trend to generate buzz for the show (#conanreturns), but with at least four other top trends that day related to the new show (#teamcoco, Jack White, Watchingconan, Seth Rogan), some people questioned the need for the TV station to purchase a trend at all.

The big boys step in
Both Microsoft and Google have been spotted using Twitter Promoted Products this week. “GoogleMobile” was a Promoted Account and “#windowsphone” a Promoted Trend, as the two gear up for some heavy mobile competition.