Weekly Standard’s Labash Pricks Slate’s Yglesias

In what is likely the most poetic reaction to Slate‘s Matt Yglesias’s distasteful comments on Andrew Breitbart on the day he died, The Weekly Standard‘s Matt Labash declares him a “prick” in a late-night story that is making the rounds.

The focus of the story is hardly Yglesias. But the lines are a comical aside. He wrote: “(Well done, Matt! Perhaps you could pass your thoughtful sentiments on to his fatherless children, since they likely don’t follow you on Twitter. Prick.)”

In this story, Labash takes the reader on a journey — into a bar with Breitbart, on a trip to Chicago and on a plane with the conservative pied piper. The plane ride is a telling anecdote. Labash thinks he might get sleep on the plane ride back from Chicago. No such luck — Breitbart finagles it so that seatmates can swap and he and Labash can spend some quality time together. Rather, Breitbart could perform a one-man act and Labash could enjoy the show.

The end is eerie. Once in baggage claim, Labash asks if he can read a poem at his memorial service. Breitbart agrees to allow it. An excerpt:

Several years ago, when Breitbart was in the middle of one skirmish or another – I don’t even remember which one – I told him that I didn’t know whether I should encourage him, but that he made me laugh, as always. I asked him when someone finally shot him, “Can I read a poem at your memorial service? ”

“I think I should stop,” he admitted of his latest caper. “But it’s so fun and the hate mail is something to behold….And of course you can read my favorite poem, William Carlos William’s ‘Little Red Wheelbarrow’ at my wake.”

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