Weekly Rotorblog Highlights: BOOM! It's Definitely a Twitter Week

Well, this week definitely belongs to Twitter. We even started the week with some cool new Twitter-related applications and services right? Twitter is definitely the hottest online commodity right now, no one can argue that fact. Even celebrities such as Ashton Kutcher and Ophrah are joining the Twitter bandwagon. And you know what it means when these celebrities get into Twitter, right? That means more media mileage for Twitter. So for our regular Weekly Rotorblog Highlights, here’s a recap of all Twitter-related news that broke out this week. Perhaps the biggest news hitting the headlines this week is Ashton Kutcher’s Twitter account reaching the 1 Million mark. It is certainly a lot, but makes you wonder, whether all those 1 million followers are really reading Ashton’s Tweets at all?
Following Kutcher’s over-hyped Twitter achievement, Ophrah announced that she would start using Twitter and make her first Twitter post on her show. And she did as of this writing managed to get into Twitter but was not able to make her first Twitter post. Read more about it here.
Aside from these two celebrities partaking of Twitter’s popularity, there were also some other Twitter-related news that hit our headlines this week. And yes, Twitter has reached the 9.3 million mark in terms of visitors in March according to comScore.
This week we also some saw cool Twitter-related apps/services getting their share of the headlines. Are we ready for a paid Twitter model? The Twitpub creators think so as they introduce a marketplace for selling Twitter updates. Twitpub gets 20 percent of the subscription revenue and publishers get 80%.
Meanwhile, Twazzup wants to extend the Twitter search platform by providing real-time updates to search results and highlighting popular users, link and tweets relevant to searched keywords.
Another Twitter app, Twitpic registered a milestone by getting its 1 million users. Twitpic is a fun Twitter app for sharing photos to your Twitter contacts.
And lastly, how about this Twitter-client that displays the Twitter timeline in a spreadsheet like fashion? Could be a good way to cloak your way into making your officemates believe that you are actually working instead of tweetering. You might want to try out SpreadTweet.More details can be found here.
So there you go folks, some Twitter news juice for all of us Twitter fans. Let’s see whether Twitter’s splash spreads on till next week.