Weekly Dose Of Cute – A Swimming Puppy, A Chillaxin Baby & The Cutest Cat Video Ever

Happy Memorial Monday, folks! Hopefully you’re enjoying your long weekend. We’ve put together our weekly dose of the cutest videos on the web to help you enjoy your day even more!

Happy Memorial Monday, folks!  Hopefully you’re enjoying your long weekend.  We’ve put together our weekly dose of the cutest videos on the web to help you enjoy your day even more!  This week we’ve got a whole lot of adorable for you, including a video that’s being called the cutest cat video on the web, an air-swimming pup, a baby just chillin’ out, a talented bird and a guest appearance from my dog (yay!).  So sit back and prepare yourself for the ultimate in cuteness!

Cat mom hugs baby kitten

Here’s the video that everyone has been talking about over the last couple of days—the video that people are saying is the cutest cat video of all time.  When we first saw the video it had just over 700,000 views.  Now it’s up to 13 million.  What do you think?  Is this really the cutest cat video ever?

Puppy thinks blowing air is water

This adorable puppy swims through the air, thinking that the air coming out of the AC is water.  How cute is that?

Baby is chillin out

Now here’s a baby that knows how to kick back and relax!

Budgie Balancing Trick

This is one talented bird.  Budgie balances on a tennis ball for a pretty long time.  Like the description says, this is “probably a world record.”  🙂


How could a video of a philosopher talking about Plato’s Euthyphro Dialogue be considered cute? Well you’ll just have to watch and see, now won’t you?

BONUS: The Dog And The Lion

And finally, I’m throwing in this bonus clip of my dog, Shechi, starring in his first silent film.  And yes, this is blatant dog promotion.  But I just couldn’t help myself.  He’s adorable!

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