Weekly Dose Of Cute – Scooting Dogs, Dancing Pandas & Rapping Grandparents

The week has begun and it's back to the daily grind, but don't be blue. Today can be more than just another manic Monday with our Weekly Dose Of Cute.

The week has begun and it’s back to the daily grind, but don’t be blue. Today can be more than just another manic Monday with our Weekly Dose Of Cute. This week we’ve got everything from scooting dogs to dancing pandas, a card playing cat, an adorable 5-year old singer and some grandparents that are just too hip for words. Check out our picks for this week’s cutest videos below and start your week out on the right foot, with a smile on your face!

Teach Me How To Panda

These pandas dancing to ‘Teach Me How To Dougie’ are just too hilarious for words. Teach me how to panda, t-t-teach me how to panda!

Scooting Dog

This just may be the most amazing pet trick I’ve ever seen. This woman taught her dog how to ride a scooter just like a human! He’s pushing himself along with his back foot and everything. How is this possible, and how can I get her to come teach my dog how to do this?!

5-Year Old Sings Caitlin Rose ‘Own Side’

Is little Rowan the next Alexa Narvaez? Her 95,000 views don’t compare to the millions racked in by Alexa and her dad, but she sure is adorable. And what a voice for a 5-year old! You rock, Rowan!

Charlie the card playing cat

While Charlie might not be the one to bet on at a poker game, he is a pretty impressive card catcher. Go long, Charlie!!

The tragedy of first position

This little girl just can’t seem to stand in ballet first position. This video has been laying dormant on YouTube since 2008, but went viral last week, racking in over 1 million views.

BONUS: Danni’s Grandparents Rap To Baby Got Back

This bonus video proves that you don’t have to be an adorable animal or a little kid or baby to be cute. These grandparents rapping to Baby Got Back is pretty sweet. And Danni, your Grandparents are amazing!