Weekend Wrap-Up: Your Favorite Stories, The Week In Cartoons, And More Links

By Sarah Kaufman (portfolio) – used with permisssion.

(Entrepreneurship. You has it.)

Our top story this week was about targeting your job search. Is job hunting a numbers game or is it better to have a laser focus? The answer, of course, is that it’s not so black and white as all that. But we’re all in agreement that burnout is bad and so is wearing blinders.

Other notable posts:

Futurity Swears It’s Not Trying To Replace Journalists – but the science journalism world is definitely changing. (Related: Better Know A Media Org: NASW)

The White House Is Hiring A Social Media Archivist? (Anyone apply for this?)

The comment of the week comes from Ceegee09 on Hey Guys, Freelance Writing Is Really Easy, Just Check Craigslist:

I’ve been freelancing for about a year now and have visited all those sites and money has yet to fall from the sky! The advice is true about breaking into magazines or newsletters in order to make an actual living from freelance writing. If not, you’ll be chasing your own tail and getting nowhere.

There the content mills like Demand Studios, Suite 101, and the Examiner who just don’t pay much, if at all! You’ll spend hours composing articles for pennies. Sorry, but that makes no business sense! By the way, as a freelancer you are running a business.

You gotta pound the pavement by spending time courting the real paying jobs. It’s an investment and investments take time. Freelancing isn’t a get rich quick scheme although, many conartists are benefiting from the perception. This article Himaras wrote isn’t well thought out and is your typical freelancing for the novice advice. Though, it’s bad advice, it’s not unusual for other freelancers to tell a newbie to go to Craigslist.

And, some weekend reading material:

Happy weekend, y’all.