Weekend Work When Unemployed

Sundays can be strange when you don’t have to go to work the next day. It seems as if the rest of the world grasps desperately to their short-lived freedom from the day-job, while the unemployed feel guilty of ever taking time-off from searching for the next gig.

The Awl’s Sarah Amandolare gave us a little insight into this world in her weekly column, where she talked to Beeswax Richards, a former editor at a start-up environmental website. Richards laments about her Sundays, and tells how they’ve change since losing her full-time job.

No longer does Richards and her husband enjoy pancakes, instead settling for off-brand Cornflakes. They also split deli sandwiches and borrow the Times from a neighbor. Typical cutback routines, once couples face the loss of a large percentage of their collective income.

But Richards lets readers know what it’s like to sit unemployed, constantly looking for a job. Basically, Sundays are just another search-day. “It would be grand to spend a day away from my dented Dell laptop, but time is money,” says Richards.

Instead of kicking back on the weekend, for Richards it’s an opportunity to make sure the unemployment checks are coming, while the networking never ends.

“Sunday is my designated day to file unemployment claims, so I get that out of the way in the late afternoon,” says Richards. “Then I start on a round of emails. I try to keep in touch with old colleagues, professors and well-connected former lovers. Whatever works!”

Sounds like a not-so easy Sunday.