Weekend Show Preview — 2.22.15

Who’s on the talk shows this weekend? Glad you asked.

Who’s on the talk shows this weekend? Glad you asked.

Highlights will include Sec. Jeh Johnson completeling the “full Ginsburg” on the five major Sunday shows: “Face the Nation,” “Meet the Press,” “Fox News Sunday,” “State of the Union,” and “This Week.”


CBS’s “Face the Nation”: Homeland Security Secretary, Jeh Johnson; Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX); former senior advisor to President Obama and author of “Believer,” David Axelrod; Farah Pandith of the Council on Foreign Relations; Danielle Pletka of American Enterprise Institute; Hon. Michele Flournoy of the Center for a New American Security; and David Ignatius of The Washington Post.

“Fox News Sunday”: Homeland Security Secretary, Jeh Johnson; Gen. Jack Keane, (ret.) four star general, former vice chief of Staff of the Army and Fox News military analyst; Gen. Michael Hayden, former director of the CIA and NSA, principal of The Chertoff Group; Gov. Mike Pence (R-IN); George Will, syndicated columnist and Fox News contributor; Kirsten Powers, USA Today columnist and Fox News contributor; Kim Strassel of The Wall Street Journal; and Peter Baker of The New York Times.

NBC’s “Meet the Press“: Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson; President Director-Counsel, NAACP Legal Defense & Educational Fund, Sherrilyn Ifill; Rep. Charles Dent (R-PA); Fmr. White House Press Secretary & Founding Partner, The Incite Agency, Robert Gibbs; The Washington Post columnist, Michael Gerson; national political reporter for The Washington Post, Nia-Malika Henderson; and national Editor for The Cook Political Report, Amy Walter.

Univision’s “Al Punto” : Cecilia Muñoz, assistant to the President and director of the White House Domestic Policy Council; Adryana Boyne, Republican political strategist and national director of VOCES Action; Ezequiel Hernández, immigration attorney; David Smolansky, mayor of Hatillo and Venezuelan opposition leader; Jorge Castañeda, Mexico’s former Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Univision News senior international affairs contributor; and Gabriel Serra Argüello, director, filmmaker and Oscar nominee in the documentary short subject category for “La Parka” (The Reaper).

ABC’s “This Week“: Homeland Security Secretary, Jeh JohnsonSen. Bernie Sanders (D) Vermont; Sen. Lindsey Graham (R) South Carolina; national political reporter for The New York Times, Amy Chozick; Rep. Keith Ellison (D) Minnesota; political columnist for TIME Magazine, Joe Klein; ABC News contributor and editor of The Weekly Standard, Bill Kristol; national correspondent for The Atlantic and author of “The Case for Reparations,” Ta-Nehisi Coates; senior fellow at the Hoover Institute at Stanford University and author of “Shame: How America’s Past Sins Have Polarized Our Country,” Shelby Steele.

CNN’s “State of the Union”: Gov. John Kasich (R-OH), Governor of Ohio; Tom Ridge, first Secretary of Homeland Security (2003–2005) (George W. Bush Administration); Sec. Jeh Johnson, Secretary of Homeland Security;  General Counsel of the Department of Defense (2009-2012) (Barack Obama Administration).

CNN’s “Fareed Zakaria GPS” : Graeme Wood, lecturer in political science at Yale University, contributing editor for The Atlantic and The New Republic, Shadi Hamid, fellow, the Brookings Institution’s Center for Middle East Policy and author of Temptations of Power: Islamists and Illiberal Democracy in a New Middle East (2014); Peter Beinart, associate professor of political science, the City University of New York, CNN political commentator, and senior fellow at New America Foundation; John Chambers, chairman and CEO, CISCO; and Peter Zeihan, author of The Accidental Superpower: The Next Generation of American Preeminence and the Coming Global Disorder (2014) and founder of Zeihan on Geopolitics

CNN’s “Inside Politics”: White House correspondent for The Associated Press, Julie Pace; political reporter forThe Washington Post, Dan Balz; national political reporter for The Washington Post, Robert Costa; and White House correspondent for Bloomberg News, Lisa Lerer.

CNN’s “Reliable Sources” : CNN contributor, Jeff Greenfield; anchor of Inside Edition and former NBC Today anchor, Deborah Norville; CNN political commentator, Van Jones; senior editor of The Atlantic, David Frum; Academy member, Ira Deutchman; and editorial director of The Hollywood Reporter, Janice Min.

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