Weekend Roundup

Bob Woodward's book ain't moving?

Lots of assorted items from the last couple of days:

  • There are some interesting numbers out that appear to show that Bob Woodward‘s new book, “The Secret Man,” isn’t doing as hot as anticipated. It certainly confirms our conversation with a helpful clerk at Borders downtown last week. Us (pointing to a giant pile of Woodward books): “That’s a lot of copies.” Her: “Yea, well, they’re not going anywhere.”

  • Arianna Huffington is continuing her unique take on Judy Miller, who remains in an Arlington jail, where she was visited by Tom Brokaw and others.

  • In the pulling aside of the wizard’s curtain department, the NYT’s op-ed editor explained what he does yesterday, and the WP’s outgoing ombudsman Michael Getler offered some critiques of his paper’s decisions last week.

  • Eric Wemple has another questionable Post decision.

  • Two TV notes for you too: ABCers celebrated Peter Jenning‘s birthday Friday, and Nancy Grace beat Larry King. As Yoda would say, “and so the student becomes the teacher.”

  • And, as you think back over your weekend, be glad you’re not on the production team for CNN’s new “Situation Room”: They got to spend the weekend in rehersals for next Monday’s premiere.