Weekend iPad Coverage Roundup

We won’t do one of these every day, but after the first week of the iPad’s existence, lots of people had a lot to say.

Lots of people are frustrated with iBooks. ABC News laments Apple’s decision to force iBooks users to buy all their eBooks from iBooks: “Apple’s creation of a third choice is likely to further frustrate and confuse consumers if they accumulate e-books for one device, then try to go back to read them later on a different one. The effect could be akin to having to buy a new set of CDs every time you get a new stereo system.”

The iPad made an appearance on the Grammys last night, in the hands of Stephen Colbert. Engadget has the video.

And here’s Wired on Steve Jobs’ Town Hall meeting at Apple HQ following the iPad unveiling. While there’s not much on the iPad, Apple enthusiasts will want to take a look at this for Jobs take on Flash support, among other things.