Week In Review: eBook Sales Grow, Kindle Romance, NYTimes Bestseller Lists For eBooks

The weekend is upon us again. Before you head out of the office, here is a roundup of what happened in eBook news this week:

Random House said its eBook sales increased 300% in the first half of 2010.

John Grisham sold 70,000 eBooks for The Confession during its first week.

The AAP said that eBook sales increased 158% in September.

Forrester predicted that eBook sales would grow to $2.8 billion by 2015.

A Kindle owner got romantic and used an eReader to propose.

The New York Times announced that they would begin publishing eBook bestseller lists in 2011.

Amazon was accused of bypassing publishers to meet directly with agents at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Amazon sold an eBook guide to pedophilia, but took it down after numerous complaints and bad press.

Seventy percent of tablet owners said they use their tablets for reading.

Hanvon unveiled a color eInk screen in Japan.

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