Weed Out Random Facebook Content With dasBoom App

If you are sick of hearing every rant from some random Facebook friend you barely remember from high school but feel rude deleting them, check out dasBoom.

The new social app lets you hide people that you friends with on Facebook, but don’t really care what they post. Using the app, you can organize a list of friends that you actually want to hear from and only see their posts, photos and videos, and check-ins.

The app works by combining data visualization with content filtering. The app will present you with bubbles of all of your Facebook friends who have posted in the last few hours. Users can then organize the people they’d like to hear from and those they’d like to weed out by swiping the bubbles. The bigger the bubble the more popular the post, so users can see visually . With this simple, at-a-glance view, users can decide if they’d like to hear from people who have more engaging posts. Users can also hide content from their feed including news articles, memes and app requests. 

The app, which is available for iOS and Android devices, currently only works on Facebook, but it will soon be available for Twitter and LinkedIn.