Weeby.co brings Bubble Pang to Tango messaging platform


Mobile developer Weeby.co has announced the launch of its first game for the Tango messaging platform, Bubble Pang. Weeby.co specializes in creating tools, tech and games specifically for messaging applications, and launched its first game, Doki Stars, on Kik in February 2014.

Bubble Pang is a social bubble shooter, inspired by classic desktop games like Snood. The title sees players competing with friends for the top spot on the Tango leaderboards, which reset each week. Friends can also send extra lives to their buddies to help them play more often.

“The secret to our success is the very best social re-engagement, retention, and monetization mechanics in the industry, polished and honed over two years and now productized as the Weeby.co SDK,” said Weeby.co CEO Michael Carter.

“We didn’t just make a game with great social flows, we built an entire social game template with dozens of configurable modules. These are super-polished UIs, like gifts, challenges, social progression maps, messaging, weekly tournaments, alliances — any feature that consistently drives users back to the game to re-engage their friends.”

In early testing, Bubble Pang saw 60-70 percent of users return to the game after playing it the first day.

Tango launched its game platform last year, and says Weeby.co was a natural fit for this extension of its service.

“The toughest aspects of building a game are retention and monetization, two metrics that depend heavily on player-to-player engagement which is both Tango and Weeby.co’s focus,” added Richard Rabbat, VP of Advertising and Platform for Tango.

“We’re pleased to work with Weeby.co’s launch of Bubble Pang. Weeby.co represents a new generation of mobile game developers that are very innovative and embracing messaging apps as a strategy to increase visibility and engagement through the Tango platform.”

Bubble Pang is the first of at least 12 games Weeby.co intends to launch this year. Users can try Bubble Pang inside Tango, which is available to download for free on iOS and Google Play.