Wednesday Poll: Which Jeopardy! Power Player Will End Up With the Highest Score?

When Sunday political regulars become Jeopardy! contestants.

While Slate’s Friday news quiz, itself written by a Jeopardy! “superchampion,” may give you the opportunity to compare yourself to one Slate staffer a week, Jeopardy!’s week in Washington will give armchair players the chance to compare themselves to 15 journos, pundits, authors, comedians and one sitting senator.

Jeopardy!’s Power Players Week, the first since 2012, films Saturday, April 9 from the DAR Constitution Hall and will air May 16-20. These are the familiar names who will test their knowledge and buzzer skills for charity:

CNN anchor Kate Bolduan; comedian Louis C.K.; Washington Post opinion writer Jonathan Capehart; CNN anchor Anderson Cooper; Conservative commentator S.E. Cupp; Sen. Al Franken; author Jonathan Franzen; CNN political analyst David Gregory; professor and author Melissa Harris-Perry; ABC News senior legal correspondent Sunny Hostin; 60 Minutes correspondent Lara Logan; Republican strategist and TV contributor Ana Navarro; MSNBC analyst and former RNC chair Michael Steele; NBC Meet the Press host Chuck Todd; Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner.

We could come up with at least one uncomfortably awkward contestant pairing, but instead, we’re going to do a Wednesday poll. Since each player only plays once, there won’t be a champion per se, but we want to know which of the contestants you think will end up with the highest score. Vote below.

We’ll see how well you, and the contestants, do in May.