Wedding Vows Exchanged On Twitter. Seriously, This Happened

In what is quite possibly the most ridiculous (and obviously, effective) PR stunt when it comes to Twitter, to date, a couple in Turkey used Twitter to exchange wedding vows.

No, they were not stationed far away from each other for work or country or some other necessity. And they were not exchanging vows remotely to combat some last-minute snafu.

They were sitting right next to each other in the church.

Yes, bang your head against your desk and read on.

According to NY Daily News, Cengizhan Celik married his bride Candan Canik by exchanging wedding vows via Twitter.

The groom is a social media editor for the news website, and reportedly told the site he and his bride incorporated Twitter into the wedding because they wanted “a little surprise.”

In a video of the ceremony posted to the groom’s news site, the couple can be seen typing out their tweets and holding up the iPad as cameras go crazy.

After the officiant asked the big question, each responded by tweeting the Turkish word “Evet,” or “Yes,” via an iPad.

So it looks like they only had one iPad in the photo, which explains why there’s a full minute delay between when she said “I do” and when he did. I bet he’s one of those one-finger typers.



Even better? He live-tweeted the whole thing.

And to think, my family gets annoyed when I tweet during dinner! Different strokes, I guess.

What do you think of this? It’s just SO weird . . . that they only had one Apple device, right?

(Robot love image from Shutterstock)