Weddar Brings Crowdsourced Social Weather Information to Android

Weddar is a social weather app that was first released for the iPhone. Instead of traditional weather metrics, Weddar as users to rank current weather conditions in their areas. The descriptors are: Perfect, Hot, Hell, OK, Good, Great, Freezing, Cold and Cool. Three levels are provided for four different weather conditions: Cloudy, Rainy, Windy and Snowy.

While a crowd sourced social weather app seems like a good idea, its dependence on the crowd instead of conventional weather sensors means that its usefulness is greater or lesser depending on how many people participate. From what I can see, there are now fewer U.S. data points available compared to this past April when I tried the iPhone version.

Weddar Crowd Sourced Weather App for iPhone: Emphasis on “Crowd”

Weddar should gather and intrepet data from other social networks like Twitter and Google+ in order to provide more useful weather information which, in turn, might attract more users/contributors.

Weddar for Android can be found at:


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