Webtrends Acquires Transpond Facebook, Mobile, and Web App Creator

Web analytics provider Webtrends today announced its acquisition of self-service and full-service web, mobile, and social app creator Transpond. Webtrend clients can now use Transpond, rebranded as Webtrends Apps, to build, publish and measure performance of content, engagment, and conversion-centric apps for platforms including Facebook, MySpace, iPhone, Android, Facebook Connect websites, and mobile optimized sites. The acquisition combines with its existing analytics, segmentation, and optimizations services to allow Webtrends to carry clients through the entire digital marketing process.

Creating applications using Webtrend Apps is relatively simple and requires no coding experience. Users of the self-serve tool can edit the content of pre-made templates for content apps that allow syndication of video, blogs, images, and Twitter; engagement apps like polls, quizzes, user generated content publishers, and landing pages; and conversion apps like coupons, location-based deals, and gifts. The two-pane app editor lets users change content, settings, and styles on the left while seeing the results on the right.

Once finished building, users can publish demo versions of their apps with a 100 impressions/day cap for free, making it easy to see how an app looks and feels in use. Publishing Facebook apps for the first time is a complicated process, but Webtrends takes users through it step by step to ensure things like canvass page URLs and API keys are set up properly.

Companies willing to pay more for professionally built apps can have Webtrends Apps’ full-service team develop apps for them. Pricing for a year of self-service vs full-service for each app type is $1,500/$8,000 for content apps, $3,000/$10,000 for engagement apps, and $4,500/$12,000 for conversion apps.

Bundled with their Facebook apps is a Facebook analytics tool Webtrends released in February that improves on deficiencies of Facebook’s native Insights. It allows clients to see up to date statistics about custom Page tabs and applications such as time on site and what content was shared, as well as integrate Facebook analytics into their web-wide analytics solution.

Webtrends saw brands from all industries looking to make custom apps, but found existing developers to be too slow, complicated, and overworked. The acquisition of Transpond makes Webtrends a good start-to-finish solution for companies trying to break into Facebook or other app platforms. While the apps themselves are relatively basic, the ability to create, publish, and track them with just one set of tools offers simplicity those new to the app scene will appreciate.