Websites that changed the world

Here is list of websites that changed the world and thinking of many people.

1. – Auction and shopping site

Users: 168m

2. – Online encyclopaedia

Users: 912,000 visits per day

3. – File sharing site

Users: 500,000 paying subscribers

4. – Video sharing site

Users: 100m clips watched a day

5. – Weblog publishing system

Users: 18.5m unique visitors

6. – School reunion site

Users: 15m

7. – News site

Users: 8-10m page views per day

8. – Social networking site

Users: 100m

9. – Online retailer, primarily of books, CDs and DVDs

Users: More than 35m customers in over 250 countries

10. – Technology news website and internet forum

Users: 5.5m per month

11. – Online magazine and media company

Users: Between 2.5 and 3.5m unique visitors per month

12. – A centralised network of online urban communities, featuring free classified advertisements and forums

Users: 4bn page views per month

13. – Search engine and media corporation

Users: A billion search requests per day

14. – Internet portal and media corporation

Users: 400m

15. – Budget airline

Users: 30m passengers last year


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