Website creation app Jimdo adds blog module for mobile blog creation


Website creation platform Jimdo has received a major update on iOS devices, adding a “blog module” for users. Now, in addition to creating base websites, users can create a blog on iOS or iPad, adding and editing entries using the Jimdo platform.

These blogs support text and headings, as well as photos and galleries. The feature was the highest request from existing Jimdo users.

“Based on user feedback and our analysis of iOS activity, blogging is the clear next step for our iOS app,” said Matthias Henze, Jimdo co-founder. “Small business owners can publish content on their blog wherever they are so they can regularly stay in touch with their customer base. Our vision is a product that helps our users succeed on- and offline. Blogging is a key part of that vision.”

Over 10 million websites have been created with the platform to date. Users can start their blog posts on one device, and then pick up where they left off on another device seamlessly.

Jimdo has been downloaded over 250,000 times since its iOS launch in August 2013. Apple named the app a “Best of 2013” in Europe and South America. While the base version of the app is available to download for free on iPhone and iPad, users can purchase premium options in yearly subscription models.

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