Toolbar-Based Weblings: In Your Internet, Killing Your Bugs

weblingWhat is a Webling? Weblings are magical, fairy-like nymph… things in a new game from WebWars. However, this little title isn’t really the traditional type of game you see either, as it actually turns the everyday act of web browsing into a sort of exploratory hunting game.

When players first sign up for the free-to-play Weblings game, they have to install a WebWars tool bar for their browser. Once they have done so, they can begin exploring the Internet, and whenever they feel the itch for battle, a simple click of the “Battle” button and you’ll pick a fight with a random bug with a pun for a name (okay, not really a good pun, but it’s an insect named “Crash Bug” or “Mem Leak Bug” or any other PC related error).

As the plotline goes:

Weblings are little beings that live on the Internet and make it work. Recently they’ve been imprisoned in mirror gates by the evil Bugs. The Bugs shattered the mirrors and scattered the shards all over the Internet. The Weblings need our help to recover the shards and release them from their prisons.

weblings_battleEach battle takes place on the web page the user is currently visiting, in what is called “layered reality” (something similar to what was seen with Minsh’s undersea virtual world for Twitter). Once a battle is finished, you receive a reward, which is, generally, a piece of glass; gather enough pieces and a new Webling is unlocked and its abilities are added to your repertoire of Internet nymphs.

As the game is web-browser based, it is created in Flash, but as far as 2D goes, it looks pretty good. The only real complaint to be had is with the battle itself, because all the animations are canned and look, more or less, the same, despite which webling is in use. Furthermore, other than choosing what webling to fight with, the player doesn’t do a whole lot. Everything is automated in battle. Nonetheless, the game is focused more towards a tween (girls mainly, judging by the visual style) audience.

webling_houseEach player gets their own village. This means that each player gets their own virtual space to decorate. Of course, since the game is free-to-play, most of the best items come from virtual goods transactions. However, if players do not feel like spending the extra money, they can always win various, tradable, items from battle. Likely, there are a large number of items to collect as well, as that is really what this game is all about: Virtual goods collection.

Unfortunately, we do not know just how many items are out there, but as it stands, there are currently 20 different weblings that can be unlocked with 10 different kinds of bugs. However, according to Chief Executive, Cindy Armstrong, they are looking to have around 57 total weblings by Christmas.