Webkinz launching mobile version of Webkinz Friends for iOS

Developer Ganz is expanding Webkinz’ digital presence to mobile devices, today announcing Webkinz Friends as a free-to-play app for iPad.

The game is a port of the Facebook game we reviewed back in May, allowing players build up the town of Kinzville to house digital version of their Webkinz pets. Users will be able to register their Webkinz toys in the game and unlock them as residents of Kinvsville. It sounds like players will be able to adopt pets via the KinzMart in-game store, as well as purchase items that can be used in decorating their pets’ homes. Likewise, users have to engage in light farming activities in order to supply businesses.

The game is connected with its kid-friendly web community Webkinz World, also. Ganz says Webkinz Friends players will be able to earn and send berries to any active account on Webkinz.com.

The new version of Webkinz Friends is being marketed as a game that’s intended for children (something we noted in our review of the original game), something that seemed to hold the Facebook version back and prevented it from ever really taking off. Our traffic-tracking service AppData shows game launched in May and peaked in July with 30,000 monthly active users and 3,000 daily active users. Since that point, Webkinz Friends has dropped down to 10,000 MAU and 1,000 DAU.