Webfluenz Monitors And Analyzes Brands’ Presence Across Social Media

Southeast Asia-based Webfluenz aims to be the complete business intelligence solution for businesses, brands, PR and ad agencies, analysts, and companies.

Webfluenz lets social media managers and digital marketers listen to, monitor, and engage followers across social media. Here’s how.

The Webfluenz system uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) semantic search algorithms, advanced data mining, and pattern recognition to search through millions of sources from seven different channels including blogs, microblogs, social networking sites, images, videos, forums, and news.

The dashboard dishes up insights and actionable real-time intelligence for companies, businesses, and brands.

Specifically in terms of Twitter, Webfluenz enables you to:

– Publish and schedule social updates and view live feeds.
– Analyze any Twitter profile with a simple dashboard of sent tweets, favorite tweets, DMs, tweets from followers/following, etc.
– Access sentiment analysis of tweets.

The main Webfluenz portal gives you access to a Summary of your brand or business’s current social presence, a Monitor & Analyze page for deep-dive analysis and comparative benchmarking, and an Engage & Manage area to send social posts in optional predetermined buckets of content types like “viral amongst women.”

Webfluenz also gives you the option to generate attractive PDF reports, and receive reports on any keywords you’re actively monitoring. And it’s incredibly easy to analyze your brand’s performance against another’s:

Social listening technology is a crowded space, and Webfluenz is robust and user-friendly but may not hold a candle to more popular software options like Radian6 and SproutSocial.

Have you checked out Webfluenz yet? What do you think?