WebEx co-founder launches Moxtra app to organize your multimedia, foster collaboration

Moxtra, the new organizational app from the team behind WebEx, wants to classify your media and help you collaborate better.  What’s most interesting is how well the iPhone/iPad app plays well with other software.

The free app allows you to add virtually any type of multimedia, including documents, photos, web pages and videos. The multimedia can then be shared with specific individuals or groups, posted on social networks or even to create a presentation on the spot within the app itself. Text or audio notes and additional material can be linked to any item, too.

In a nod to WebEx, users can do live video conferences calls within the app. The other media can still be accessed while it’s happening. The app can be reached on the phone, the tablet or the desktop.

Moxtra seems to embrace other companies, allowing users to quickly shift material from Box and Dropbox. The two leading cloud storage brands aren’t direct competitors to Moxtra, as the new app is closer to Evernote than, say, iCloud, but we could definitely see Moxtra being used as a cloud backup alternative for companies with strong organizational needs.

Moxtra launches this week for the iPhone/iPad and was created by a team led by WebEx co-founder Subrah Iyar. It is currently free to all users, but we suspect its plan is to make money by providing a premium service to its high-end customers a la Dropbox.