The Webby Awards Celebrate the Internet in 5 Words or Less

Politicians, celebs and online innovators take home hardware, honor Steve Jobs

The Webby Awards, the Internet's big night out, brought together celebrities, media types, politicians and innovators of all stripes to celebrate the glorious world and work of the Internet. As is tradition on the Web, it's best to keep things brief, so all Webby acceptance speeches are asked to be kept to just five words or less. Here we've complied a few highlights of the winners and their exercises in brevity.

The New Yorker won the Webby for best editorial content and said, "It's all about the writers."

Newsweek/Daily Beast won for online news and told the crowd to "post the news, raise hell"—a timely motto in light of Tina Brown's controversial magazine covers, including last week's Obama-as-gay-president depiction.

The New York Times' imitable Nate Silver won "best political blog" for his numbers-centric FiveThirtyEight blog. Silver told audiences to be sure to "stop and smell the data."

In the advertising realm, JWT won for single banner ads and quipped, "It just keeps getting banner!"

Deutsch Inc. won overall for the mobile category, thanking "anonymous" for the inspiration. They were either being humble or it was a hat tip to the secretive hacker collective (probably the former).

The night also featured a tribute to the late Steve Jobs by an impressive array of politicians and celebrities, who honored the Apple founder in the requisite five-word fashion. President Obama needed only one word to describe Jobs, calling him "amazing" while Al Gore called him "insanely great." Bill Clinton thanked Jobs for "spreading American ingenuity worldwide" and Jimmy Fallon lightened the tribute noting that Jobs "made turtlenecks sexy again." it was a big night for the Internet, but the celebration was brief—after all, memes stop for no one.