Webby Awards 2006: Friedman, Cuban Get Gorillaz Treatment, More Notes

Thomas Friedman and Mark Cuban, Gorillaz-ized in the official Webby program

More coverage of last night’s 10th annual Webby Awards trickling in. We’re told the open-bar after-party at the Canal Room lasted until dawn — it appears nerds do remember how to party like they did in 1999 after all.

  • “The room was full of the kind of anonymous Internet celebrities who make millions behind the scenes (or behind their keyboards) but are seldom seen anywhere near a red carpet.” [E&P]
  • Arianna Huffington was going to go with “make blogs, not fucked-up wars” for her acceptance speech, but cooler heads, and math, prevailed. [HuffPo]
  • The evening in pictures. [BBC]
  • “The mood at the awards had a jubilance reminiscent of the heady days of the dot.com boom.” [Wired]
  • The official list of the Webby’s signature five-word acceptance speeches made us recall our favorite, courtesy of National Geographic online: “More than just bare breasts.” [Webby Awards]

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