Web Show Makes The Leap to MTV

Boing Boing got an exclusive look at “How’s Your News?” a comedy/news show that is presented by people with mental and physical disabilities. The correspondents, who met at a summer camp for people with disabilities, have been traveling around the country with their reports airing on Howsyournews.com. The show has been picked up by MTV. It premieres this Sunday.

South Park creators Trey Stone and Matt Parker are acting as “godfathers” on the project. Stone says, “The How’s Your News crew is about redefining expectations and the show is by far their best work. It is my favorite show on television beside South Park.”

And I have to admit, when I began watching the clip, I got that “I’m not supposed to be laughing at this” guilty feeling. But the more I watched, the more I understood the correspondents were having a blast. And the last thing they want or need is anyone’s pity.