Web Designer´s Calendar 2007

After the first edition of Web Designer´s Calendar and positive feedback from the public now is available second edition of the calendar.


They have the same calendar concept which they have last year and it means that there is a lot of useful information dedicated to web designers. There is also interviews and articles from the specialists of the field like eboy, Danny Franzreb, Ingo Ramin, Fabian Geyerhalter, Büro Destruct, Dirk Behlau, Jens Franke, Dirk Schütze, Martin Roell, Michael Tzscheppan, Rob Nikowitsch, Rob Ford, Henning Rogge and many more.

Calendar itself is visual attractive and can help to generate ideas for designers. I’m interested in this calendar myself and I’m considering to buy it. I don’t know, I’m so forgetful … I loose my all calendars and planners after a month or two, but as I have started to make my life better (I quit smoking 3 weeks ago) it can be the next thing to improve.

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