Web content to your mobile phone

If you need to have web content on your mobile phone than one of the best things to do is to start using Plusmo. This project offers to have personalized content on your mobile phone using channels what you can make your self or choose from very wide range of available channels on plusmo.com website.

Plusmo logo


Plusmo lets you do cool stuff from your mobile phone. For example, you can locate the nearest Starbucks, find cheap gas nearby, read your friend’s MySpace blog, read movie reviews, check out neat photos, download popular blogs like Engadget, or keep track of the top iTunes hits all from your cell phone or PDA. Plusmo offers a great mobile experience because personalized content from websites is downladed to your device in advance and browsing is local and fast.

Some of the best Plusmo features:

Plusmo channels content from web sites in advance, so you can read it instantly anytime. And even when there’s no signal, your channels are always available.

– New channels are added every day by Plusmo users. Choose any to add to your phone or create your own!

Plusmo lets you roll two or three sources of content into a single channel that you can share with friends.

So, all you need is to download simple application to your mobile phone or PDA and you can start using all offered possibilities of Plusmo.

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