Web Conferencing With Video On Mobile Phones

You might be familiar with web conferencing applications like WebEx and GoToMeeting that allow you to share presentations and desktop computer displays over the Internet. Both have iPad applications, but not iPhone or Android apps, and neither let you host meetings from the iPad. WebEx and GoToMeeting both include audio communication capability but do not display video.

Fuze Meeting is a competitor to WebEx and GoToMeeting that has apps for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry smartphones as well as the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab, and early next year they plan to support video conferencing. You can see how the Fuze Meeting software works in the following video.

One problem that I see with the video conferencing feature is that it requires a front facing camera, which is only available on a limited number of devices at the moment. Another is that it will likely work best on high bandwidth mobile networks.

In addition to the fact that Fuze Meeting supports more devices and video conferencing, it is also has cheaper plans than WebEx and GoToMeeting. If you only occasionally have meetings, you can buy a day pass for up to 15 attendees for $9.99. A personal plan for $29 per month for 25 attendees, and and there are higher cost plans for more attendees.

If you are a professional or small business that needs to collaborate online, Fuze Meeting looks like a good option.