Web 2.0 Text Styling Using CSS

In one of my previous posts I wrote about web 2.0 colors and online color tools for web designers, this post will be dedicated to fonts and how to find the best way to display your content online. No doubt that CSS is the most effective and easy way to work with the content and these tools below can help you to choose the best solution for any specific website. I have found two online web 2.0 applications who can ease you to find proper CSS settings for your content.

Typetester – compare fonts online

Typetester allow you to compare up to three different fonts at the same time and choose the right and best looking solution for your site. Tool have very much different options to change and manipulate with text until you find the best solution. The most important option for web designers is possibility to see CSS settings for chosen text – this option, of course, is included, but I think it is uncomfortable to use, and this is the biggest imperfection of Typetester.

CSSTYPE v2 – CSS text generator

This tool is perfect, it is simple as possible and, in the same time, offers all the features that I need to generate CSS text and insert it into my projects. Using CSSTYPE you can’t compare several fonts at the same time, but it is not so important feature and other options like easy usable CSS generator compensate lack of this feature.

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