Web 2.0 Slow to Take Hold on Mobile

A new study found that brands and advertisers aiming to reach “connected consumers” need to focus on targeting their niche with easily distributed, customizable, socially charged content–but not necessarily on their mobile phones, MediaPost reports.

The study by Avenue A Razorfish found that while lots of people use Web 2.0 sites for everything from online video to blogs, mobile media was the one area that lagged behind:

“Mobile multimedia usage was the one area that lacked strong penetration–even with connected consumers–as the majority (64%) said they never used their mobile phone to check weather, news or sports headlines. Similarly, 76% never used mobile to watch video, 68% said the same for listening to music, and 58% had never used their phone to check email. Some 53% of connected consumers, however, had used their phones to take photos and then share them on the Web.”

Connected Consumers Love Web 2.0, But Not On Mobile [MediaPost]