Web 2.0 and Its Overabundance of Speech Bubbles


If you’re in the middle of a branding project for a client and you think you’ve come up with a great way to show that the company is fun, freespirited and knows how to talk to its clients in this exciting Web 2.0 world we find ourselves in, do yourself a favor and keep it quiet from The Eachday Blog. They’re ranting about the overuse of the speech bubble which, if going off what’s listed on their site, is being used by no fewer than eighty bazillion companies. To us, sometimes the logos actually make some sense with the bubble, if they’re IM related or even with blogs, like with Technorati. But there are a batch in there that we just can’t make the connection, other than maybe it’s a website written by humans and that’s the way humans communicate, so maybe by association that relates to a speech bubble. Whatever the case, it’s an interesting, uncomfortable round-up of way too many of the same thing.