A Curious Donald Trump Correction

For a possible schadenfreudian slip.

We caught up today to a correction issued on Martin Luther King Jr. Day by Wisconsin NBC affiliate WEAU Channel 13. What’s curious and most unusual is that the original error is at no point fully explained.

The incorrect Chyron was shown during the Sunday 10 p.m. newscast for a story co-produced with NBC Newschannel:

As that story was on-air, a graphic created by WEAU 13 News that included the incorrect spelling of President-elect Trump’s last name remained on the screen for about 53 seconds. Our staff recognized the error, and removed it from the broadcast.

The mistake is not a reflection of the station’s views on the incoming president, his associates or his supporters. We apologize for the error and regret that it happened.

Several commenters are wondering what misspelling was shown. Here’s your answer:

Call it a schadenfreudian slip. Perhaps even by a female member of the WEAU 13 production staff.