WeatherSignal App Seeks Users for Open Source Weather Reports

The weather is a fickle changeling – especially here in the Bay Area where biking across the city means experiencing no less than three different weather phenomenon. That’s why I am excited about the prospect of open source weather from WeatherSignal. According to the developers at WeatherSignal, they can collect data about the weather even if you don’t have a temperature sensor on your smart phone. This sounds a little bit like black magic right?

The Galaxy S4 will give you the most complete experience in terms of sensor readings and sharing (and other higher end Android phones will have a lot of the same features as well) – but all Android devices released on will at the very least be able to contribute temperature readings and manual weather reports. Of course, all devices will also be able to use the app to see the live weather map.

WeatherSignal is still in its early phases, but if a lot of users adapt to the new platform, then we will have one of the largest data collection model for weather reports.  You can also see real-time weather reporting from your area by visiting their website. There’s only about 5-6 active users at this moment in the Bay Area, but hopefully that will change.

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