Weather or Not Compares the Weather to Your Calendar on iOS

Weather or NotAmong the many weather apps available on mobile devices, Ben Lisbakken’s Weather or Not aims to offer something different: an experience that helps users “visualize the weather” and understand how it will impact their day-to-day activities. To do so, data from is combined with a user’s calendar, which allows them to see the expected weather conditions for each task they have planned throughout the day.

With Weather or Not, users are presented with a variety of weather information for their current time and location whenever they open the app. This includes the current temperature, highs and lows for the day and a percentage for the likelihood of precipitation.

Weather or NotThis view also includes an interactive bar at the bottom of the screen, which users can tap and drag to view the expected temperature throughout the day. With precise movements, users can view the exact weather temperature and precipitation likelihood at any individual minute throughout the day, no matter how specific.

In calendar view, the app presents a user’s scheduled tasks, like meetings and dinner dates, next to the expected temperature and general weather condition for that time period. In doing so, the app aims to help users better plan for what’s ahead. For instance, if the forecast shows a drop in temperature before one’s dinner in the city, the user would know in advance to bring a jacket, and would be alerted without the need to manually compare their calendar app with a separate weather app.

In addition to tracking weather for the device’s current location, users can manually add additional cities for tracking. In addition, users can toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius in the settings menu.

Weather or Not supports push notifications for a daily weather summary, alongside an iOS 8 “Today” extension for a combined calendar and weather view outside of the app.

Weather or Not is available to download for $2.99 on the iTunes App Store, and is currently featured as a Best New App on the platform.