Weather Channel and Lufthansa Show What’s Next With Foursquare

Brands take advantage of the geo-social app's open source tools

Of the slew of branded third-party apps that Foursquare revealed yesterday, The Weather Channel (TWC) and Lufthansa stood out.

TWC will offer weather forecast information to Foursquare users if they frequently check in to certain establishments, businesses or public areas around the country. For instance, if they check in to their workplace or a Starbucks regularly, said Mike Zarrilli, vp of product for TWC, based on Foursquare’s algorithms, they’ll see his company’s branded local weather info.

Zarrilli said the Foursquare effort represents his Atlanta-based company's first major play on the geo-social app, while also underscoring TWC’s increased focus on what he calls “next-step content” marketing.

“We are trying to insert our brand into existing paths of usage in terms of consumers and their devices,” he said. “It doesn’t matter whether it’s through social, Foursquare, search portals or whatever. The Foursquare partnership fits in nicely with our efforts to offer next-step content.”

Lufthansa, on the other hand, is using Foursquare’s open source software tools to pitch campaign badges dubbed “Early Bird” and “To The Moon.” The German airline has loaded all of its scheduled flights into Foursquare’s database to enable check-ins when travelers board its planes.

And according to, loyalty points will be earned and coupons will be awarded based on class of travel (i.e., first/business/coach) and, in some cases, the seat on the plane. The blog site says prizes will be awarded via Foursquare, in random instances, if the consumer has the misfortune of sitting in the middle seat in the back of the aircraft.