Twitter And The Weather Network Team Up To Bring You Weather-Related Ads

Twitter And The Weather Network Team Up To Bring You Weather-Related Ads

Do you get frizzy hair when it’s humid? Well you’re in luck. Thanks to a new partnership between Twitter and The Weather Network, you could a see timely 140-character ad for de-frizz serum when the weather changes.

As the Wall Street Journal reports, the partnership between The Weather Channel and Twitter means that marketers will now be able to target their messages to users based on the specific weather conditions of their area.

Advertisers will gain access to proprietary weather information from The Weather Company (the owners of The Weather Network), and can use this information to target ads – offering discounts on indoor go-karting while it’s raining, or reminding tweeters to grab a cool frozen treat in summer months, for instance.

The Weather Company is the first media company to gain access to Twitter’s API. It will use its weather data to buy ads across Twitter, and gain access to user information. Together, sales teams from both Twitter and The Weather Company will pitch the idea of weather-targeted ads to advertisers when the program launches.

This isn’t the first time The Weather Network has teamed up with Twitter. Back in 2011 The Weather Network became the first network to gain access to weather-related tweets and display them during broadcasts. And, more recently, Twitter enabled The Weather Network to display special content surrounding weather-related events.

(Source: Wall Street Journal; Raining image via Shutterstock)

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