Wear Your Pink Proudly, Fellow Men!

An interesting bit of fashion thinking from One Plus One Equals Three: “A Winner in Pink?” raises the debate of why you don’t see pink on men anywhere and how refreshing it is to see Ivan Basso, a professional cycler from Italy, wearing his pink jersey, likely to win the Giro d’Italia. As an owner of not one, but two very nice pink shirts, one of which this writer just found in the back of his wardrobe and wore it out not long ago for the very first time since its purchase a year ago, we can personally attest that pink is a very good color on a young man. Here’s some:

In other cultures, pink for men seems somewhat stereotypically bound to gayness. Pink is a feminine colour. ‘Real’ men don’t wear pink, do they? Especially male sports stars who supposedly and usually embody hetero-maleness? In Italy it seems that anyone (male/female, straight/gay) can happily wear pink, which is as it should be. Wearing pink for men is not thought of as being ‘poofy’ (to use Australian vernacular). With the Giro the Italians use this colour to identify and celebrate a truly beautiful sporting event: the finishing straights are bedecked with pink, the winner wears pink, and an oft-maligned colour for men gets to be admired and revered.