We Want To Read The Works, This Time In A Well-Lighted Space


It’s been a time of books and learning over here: Humble Masterpieces in New York, Elements of Style Illustrated at our door, and now, The Works, first at St. Mark’s and now in our inbox.

We have the interest in how things work that a five-year-old does. Can’t really think of anything more exciting than learning how bridges get put into the river floor (apparently divers with single bricks are not involved?) or contemplating the awesomeness of airplanes. So we were psyched psyched psyched to stumble across The Works, an illustrated compendium of explanations about the city. Things like the subway. The life of a California carrot from seeding to New York restaurant. What a “humpyard” is is also explained.

It’s written by Kate Ascher and designed by Alexander Isley. And it looks awesome.