We Took a Bunch of SXSW Geeks on a Field Trip


Austin Is BBQ

Scenes from a SXSW pigfest at rib joint Green Mesquite, ‘horrifying vegetarians since 1988.’ Photo by Alfred Maskeroni; Styling: Carol Wells; Assistant: Deleigh Hermes; Reporting: Danielle Marshall

(From l. to r.) 
Seth Priebatsch CEO, LevelUp. “If cashiers are wearing Google Glass, the entire checkout process will be revolutionized.” 

Nev Schulman Host, MTV’s Catfish. “I am the lamest app user. The only apps on my home screen are ones for weather, maps and a camera.”

Jaime Woo Writer, filmmaker, game designer. Made his first SXSW appearance to sign copies of his new book, Meet Grindr: How One App Changed How We Connect.

Winston Binch Partner, chief digital officer, Deutsch LA. “The music was the best part of South by Southwest. I am looking forward to seeing Jane’s Addiction perform.”

Conor Brady Global creative director, Huge. “I am rarely inspired by digital, so this year I checked out more documentaries and films as well as the gaming stream, which was really cool.”


Austin Is Music

Catching the spirit at Stubb’s, home of the famous Gospel Brunch and venue for acts like Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson. Photo by Alfred Maskeroni; Styling: Carol Wells; Assistant: Deleigh Hermes; Reporting: Danielle Marshall

(From l. to r.)
Chris Gokiert President, Critical Mass. Was most excited about 3-D printing and advances in Leap Motion technology. “If you are a startup, this is where you want to be.”

Sarah Reinertsen Author, Paralympian. SXSW Interactive “is like TED for hipsters.”

Michael Schaubach Postproduction director, CollegeHumor.com. As for the SXSW trend he wanted to learn more about, the funny man has social-video app Vine on his mind.

Bob Mohler SVP, digital media, Warner Bros. Television Group/ Telepictures. “The people who attend [SXSW] have become more savvy. It’s not as geeky as it used to be.”

Hiram Norman VP, digital media production and design, Warner Bros. Worldwide Television Marketing. “My favorite aspect of the conference is getting the opportunity to talk with young problem solvers.”


Austin Is Style

Playing dress-up, channeling their inner cowpokes and swapping tales of the trade at Allens Boots. Photo by Alfred Maskeroni; Styling: Carol Wells, Christy Grace; Assistant: Deleigh Hermes; Reporting: Danielle Marshall

(From l. to r.)
Khris Loux Co-founder and CEO, Echo. An avid traveler and fan of community-based mapping app Waze, he can’t help but wonder: “At what point do these apps become more of an inconvenience to use because of crowdsourcing?”

Karen Bartleson Senior director, community marketing, Synopsys. Also president of the IEEE Standards Association, she, like so many others at SXSW, was blown away by Google Glass. “It took my breath away.”

Andrew Kessler Founder and CEO, Togather. It was after a book signing at SXSW three years ago that he came up with the idea for his app. “I wanted to make a tool for any author to connect with their audience, resulting in more fan engagement.”

Laura Duncan Sexual technology and medical anthropology expert. “As a doula, there’s an app I use for timing and tracking a woman’s labor contractions, called Labor Mate.”

Bozoma Saint John Director, cultural branding, music and entertainment, PepsiCo. Moderator of a SXSW panel dubbed “The Future of Cultural Branding,” she says “the creation of Vine videos has become especially important in my industry.”