We Told You So Edition: Dinosaur Auction Boom Continues

We don’t want to toot our own horns here, but we’d just like to remind you that we’ve been talking about the importance of dinosaur bone auctions and purchases for years now. Heck, we even went so far as to label 2009 “The Year of Dinosaur Sales.” So here we are at the very end of 2011 and Bloomberg, the very bastion of business and economic news, has published a piece about “the escalating demand for dinosaurs.” In the piece, they report that both prices and demand for all those dusty prehistoric bones has risen considerably, and that “the U.S. remains the world leader in mining luxury dinosaurs.” There’s also a lot of information about the growth of the dino auctions and an interesting profile on some of the people who do both the digging and the sales, but we think the really important takeaway from all of this is that we are clearly market visionaries who saw this budding financial opportunity coming years ago and therefore you should probably wire us all of your savings so we can invest in the next big boom. And just to show we mean business, our first hot tip is free: eco-friendly mega-yachts are going to be coming back in a big way. We’re certain of it (probably).