We Think You’ll Thank Us For Think Tank


Adobe does so much for designers already that this latest gesture could have been a simple afterthought: “Okay, we’ll toss up some articles about design so if any of them designers come clicking through, they’ll know we care.” But Think Tank, a series of essays located in Adobe’s Motion Design Center, is a destination in itself. And it doesn’t hurt that it’s edited by our favorite design writing duo, Alice Twemlow and David Womack. They describe it this way:

“The articles report on the expanding frontiers of design, as well as the ways in which technology influences everyday practice. Our aim is to bring in-depth analysis of emerging disciplines such as VJ-ing, game design, and custom software to as broad an audience of designers as possible.”

The image above is from the most recent piece, “Living Skins: Architecture As Interface,” where Peter Hall wonders “What if a sign did not simply tout new movies, sodas, and celebrity babies in one-way feeds, but instead revealed something unique about the building, its occupants, or its environment?” There are five more pieces currently in the Think Tank, and next up is Adam Greenfield, the author of the forthcoming Everyware about the effect of ubiquitous computing on design.