We Take It All Back, It’s Curtains for the “Design Star”


Who to believe? While the reality of Marty Neumeier’s plummeting design star strikes us, we’re confronted with a reality show named, yep, “Design Star.”

The 10 potential-star designers, in this case, will be sewing pillow shams and sourcing tile to ensure their title, not laying out letterhead. But we have to admit we’ll be watching, or at least TiVoing, not like the author of this post from the show’s message board:

I just have to put this out here and express my extreme dissatisfaction with the name “design star”. The field of design is so incredibly broad, and encompasses so many different disciplines, be it graphic design, industrial design, interior design, or new media design, and yet shows like this give themselves such a generalized name, while only focusing on interior design.