We Smell A Trend…

Is ABC’s “This Week” shooting for a much different approach to their guest lineup? As they trying to add a bit of spice to the typically staid Washington panel discussion?

Consider some of the people they’ve featured on their recent programs:

4/30 George Clooney
5/14 Reese Witherspoon
5/21 John Walsh
5/28 Tony Orlando
6/4 John Updike
7/2 Mia Farrow
7/ 9 Alonzo Mourning
7/14 Kerri Strug
7/28 Lance Armstrong
8/4 Nora Ephron
8/13 John Secada
8/20 Spike Lee

Is ABC trying to be the fun, hip alternative to — what they likely see as — those “other, stuffy Sunday shows”? And will it work? Only time will tell, but if they can manage to somehow get Eddie Vedder on board — we’ll be a “This Week” fan 4 EVA.