We Rule: And so it Ends. Level 30. Ruby Citadel. Nothing Left to Do

I rarely login to Facebook and was able to completely avoid Farmville. But, my iPad is nearly always with me since its arrival on April 4. So, ngmoco’s

We Rule (for iPad)

caught and held my attention since then. This app and its server has Twitter-like failure tendencies. The app itself often crashed. And, on-screen navigation often seemed like random reactions to a finger tip touch. There was also that regretable period during which the Magic Cauliflower went missing. But, I’d rather not discuss that dismal period.

I spent two 5 minute periods each day tending my farms, various operations and those wonderful orange groves and ruby gardens. But, that all came to and end yesterday. I reached level 30 in the game last week. Then, I earned the 750,000 gold coins need to buy the Ruby Citadel(above). Many people reached level 30 days or weeks before me. No levels have been added since that group of early game finishers hit their milestones. So, I’m leaving the farms unseeded and the last crops of oranges and rubies unpicked (below). That’s it! No more “We Rule”

Now, what am I going to do with that extra 70 minutes per week?