We Need to Lie Down, But What to Lay Upon?


We don’t usually like to plug specific products or services, unless they’re really cool or the company is interesting. And this, dear readers, must have passed the test because here we are plugging it. Here’s from reader Ben Blumenfeld:

Funny post about Design Within Reach. Amongst my friends we always call them Design Out of Reach, since they are so overpriced. My friend started a custom furniture company called Viesso. You should check them out. They build custom sofas here in LA, all designed by them. Their turnaround time is 2-3 weeks since it’s all done in downtown LA and their price point is for people who want to move up from IKEA but can’t quite afford the Design Within Reach $5,000 sofa. I’d love to see you guys write about some of these smaller, more unique, up and comers.

We just did, Ben. We just did.