We Media 2006: More Newsy Bits and Information

Former ABC News correspondent Richard Gizbert — in a left wrist cast after falling off his bike — plans to be on a new Al Jazeera International show about global media. It’s called “Listening Post” and is produced by Moonbeam Films in the U.K., which has produced broadcasts about media for the BBC. It will explore the different perspectives of media around the world, and how the different cultures of those media present news events — anything from a speech by President Bush to a natural disaster and more. There will also be Web and interactive components. The show (and AJI itself?) will air September at the earliest. AJI previously had planned to launch last Fall, then this Spring.

Gizbert expects a verdict this month in his lawsuit against ABC News which claims they inappropriately fired him for refusing an assignment to Iraq. Then an appeal in July.

The Financial Times online has a new game in which you can pretend to be a CEO.

News from PaidContent.com about NY-based Forbes.com hidden inside another post: “I know from my sources that a certain venture investor owns 5 percent of Forbes.com, for a long time, and has been itching for a while to figure a way out. A Forbes.com IPO idea-bubble has been floated many times over the years, but it doesn’t seem like it will happen.

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